Friday, November 28, 2008

Finance Minister's Economic Update Could Trigger Non-Confidence Vote

Opposition Parties Will Oppose the Minority Conservative's Economic Update Proposals and Form New Coalition Majority:

The minority government Conservative's Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's Economic "update" package introduced today falls far short of what Canada needs in the form of economic stimulus according to opposition parties. Leaders of the NDP, BLOC and Liberals have voiced their dissatisfaction with the bill, which they say does not go far enough to aid Canada's slumping economy in the face of the looming world wide recession.

As this bill, the first of the new minority government's session in parliament since edging into power on a slim minority, is an economic and finance package, the opposition could trigger a non-confidence vote and defeat the government. Fears of this resulting in a new election, just weeks after the last, are unfounded - the most sensible option is for the opposition parties to propose a coalition government, representing the majority of voters in the country.

Having missed their chance to defeat the throne speech earlier this month, the opposition is now considering this best of all alternatives and an end to minority representation in Canada. The CBC reports that NDP leader Jack Layton has asked the Honourable Mr. Ed Broadbent, to meet with Liberal leader Stephane Dion to discuss the feasability of forming a coalition government. They would still need the support of the BLOC, but BLOC leader Gilles Duceppe is also said to be fuming about the inadequate economic package and will oppose it.

Harper's Conservatives have never won a majority in Canada - in fact during the last election more than 62 percent of Canadians voted against the Conservative Party.

The proposed coalition would benefit Canada greatly. It would finally unite the liberal left and small 'c' conservative majority and represent a real mandate from the Canadian people. It would promote unity by including the BLOC Quebecois in the governance of Canada for the first time. And it would put an end to the high-jacking of Canadian policy and the trampling of ordinary Canadian's rights by the reactionary right-wing Conservative minority.

Coalition now! - defeat the government - restore majority government to Canada. We call on the loyal opposition parties to perform their duty.

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