Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Coalition: An Accord on a Cooperative Government

Conservatives on the defensive - Right-wing extremist loonies crawl out of the woodwork -

Ok, it had to happen. The National post published the accord signed by the Liberals and NDP and the cooperative agreements signed by the coalition with Gilles Duceppe of the Bloc and the crazy rants of the right wing minority electorate start to light up the comments on news feeds accross the country. Check the Link from the title bar above for the text of the Accord.

So for that cooperative, benign and democratic document, the coalition is called " Bolsheviks, commies, thugs, and worse.

Here's my response to the rants from the National Post website:

by outreach417
Dec 02 2008
11:50 AM

You can see why the Conservatives must be replaced - by reading the bigoted and uninformed rants of their supporters. Even though they have no mandate, they cling to power through mudslinging, distortion of facts and hyperbole - Here's the facts (the truth of the matter):

1. Harper's Conservatives have never won a majority in Canada, even as leader of Reform, Harper never enjoyed a majority vote.

2. In the most recent election, only 37% of the people voted Conservative - more than 62% voted against them. That is not a mandate Mr. Harper.

3. P.M. Harper called the last election contrary to his own Fixed Election Date bill- in his own words, his parliament of minority government was "dysfunctional". He went to the polls to seek a mandate - a mandate can only be earned by winning a majority. He failed.

4. Contrary to the rants, non-confidence motions and coalitions are an integral part of Canada's democratic process. Joe Clark's Progressive Conservative minority govt fell to non-confidence. (Joe and other leading PC's by the way did not join the Reform-Alliance-Conserative merger that spawned our minority P.M. Harper). Ontario's minority conservatives were defeated by a majority Liberal-NDP Coalition. Canada's political history has many ruling democratic coalitions.

5. If Harper had a democratic majority of seats in Parliament, he wouldn't be in this mess. Harper's election = FAIL

6. The proposed coalition has the support of the majority of Canadians. Liberal-NDP-Bloc = 62% -power to the people.

7. The Bloc is Quebec's democratically chosen federal party, and my Canada includes Quebec. The coalition has included the Bloc, Harper never took any effective inclusive measures with the Bloc Quebecois.

8. If the non-confidence vote goes forward (Harper could prorogue or dissolve parliament first if he chooses to exercise Draconian rules), Harper must ask the GG to call an election - the GG is not bound to do so, if an alternative exists: that is, a coalition commanding the confidence of parliament and a majority of seats. That's a mandate.

9. I don't want to turn the poor minority Consevative's demise into a 12 step program, so I'll end here. But new election or coalition - Harper will likely never win a right wing majority in Canada. We've seen and lived through Bush's right wing policies - look what it's done to the world. Canada can survive this crisis - yes we can!

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