Saturday, January 24, 2009

Harper playing games with 'irresponsible' budget leaks

In a revealing contrast to the previous post (Information watchdog alarmed by Harper government clampdown -, yesterday's news shows the flipside of what happens when governments misuse their power to control access to information - by strategically "leaking" information that only they have access to.

The CBC reported that opposition leader's Michael Ignatieff and Jack Layton both lambasted the Conservative minority for selectively leaking details about next weeks federal budget.

[source:] - Government officials leaked more details from the federal budget on Friday, including a $1-billion fund for hard-hit industries. Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff accused Prime Minister Stephen Harper of playing political games on Friday, calling the leaking of information from next week's federal budget a deliberate attempt "to get the bad news out of the way." NDP Leader Jack Layton accused the prime minister of "manipulating the process" with the leaks because he is "afraid of losing his job." [end of excerpt] The actual news leaks were also published on, a reliable source of information for Canadians and leaves one asking, " What is there for Finance Minister Flaherty to tell us next week?".

I'm sure they have surprises up their sleeves for us - prepare for rabbits and hats!

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