Friday, January 9, 2009

Harper's Broken Promises Put Canadians at Risk


"The Harper government has not named the lead investigator into a Listeriosis outbreak that killed 20 people. He promised last year to “get to the bottom of what transpired”. With only 3 months left before the report was to issue findings Harper has done nothing. People are still at risk. Listeria bacteria exists in all meat processing plants…"[end of excerpt - source]

Reported on the Missionlog last August - [ see Deadly Listeria Bacteria - Tainted Deli Meats Linked to Food Deaths ] , the hope was that progress had been made in the government’s food inspection process, but the recent news reports show that the health and safety of Canadians is not a top priority with the current minority Conservative government. The company involved - Maple Leaf Foods, has taken far more effective steps than the government agencies which are to police them: read about it here.

All Canadians should be concerned about how well the minority Conservative government is serving them - especially since Harper took the extraordinary move late last year of suspending Parliament, the one place where our voice should be heard. Broken promises, a muzzled mandate - when will it all end. Harper's minority Conservatives have never won a majority government in Canada. The time for change is now.

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