Saturday, January 24, 2009

Information watchdog alarmed by Harper government clampdown

Canada's information watchdog says the public knows less than ever about what its government is doing - Information Commissioner Robert Marleau said Thursday the grip on federal files is tightening, largely because of the Conservative government's "communications stranglehold" on the bureaucracy. "There's less information being released by government than ever before. And that's alarming". [end of excerpt]

The minority Harper government's attempts to be in control are nothing new to Canadians, but the report shows the extent and risk to freedom of information. Especially revealing is this recent headline combined with the steps the Conservative government took last spring to shut down the public database that ordinary Canadians used to access freely available information request details - from last May, 2008 : Tories Kill Access to Information Database

What does censorship and blocking access to information look like? This is a glimpse of a what a censored version of " RIGHTS IN THE AGE OF PROTEST: A HISTORY OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS AND CIVIL LIBERTIES MOVEMENT IN CANADA", 1962-1982 by © Dominique ClĂ©ment might look like if we don't stand up for openness and freedom in the federal government.

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