Friday, January 30, 2009

Minority Conservative Budget passes first test - Liberals join Harper in vote

Sub-amendment from Bloc defeated 214 to 85

Another four days will tell whether the Conservative budget will pass its crucial commons vote but it is widely expected the Liberal Party, under leadership appointee Michael Ignatieff, will vote again with the Conservatives. The Liberal's own amendments to the budget - Iggy's strings - will be voted on next week and the Conservatives have stated they support the main Liberal amendments, buying Liberal support for their minority mandate.

The NDP, who voted in solidarity for yesterday's Bloc amendments, and the Bloc have already said they will vote against the budget, but don't carry the needed seats in commons to defeat the Conservatives without Liberal support. The Coalition is effectively over.

QUOTE of the day - Iggy’s a control freak -- he’s worse than Harper
Even among the Liberals and Conservatives, there is not unanimous support for the budget. Ignatieff faces a revolt by Newfoundland Liberal MP's concerned about reduced Atlantic Accord transfer payments. Many Conservatives are concerned about the political necessities which have forced Flaherty's hand into introducing a big spending deficit budget not in keeping with their conservative right-wing spending policies.

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