Wednesday, January 21, 2009

NDP advocate bold action on the economy

Budget only as good as government who implements it: Layton

[source -] OTTAWA - At his caucus’ retreat in Ottawa today, New Democrat leader Jack Layton blasted Stephen Harper for failing to have a plan for the economy that Canadians can trust. In a desperate effort to stay in power said Layton, Stephen Harper is now promising the kind of economic measures he ridiculed just weeks ago.

Stephen Harper doesn’t believe in what he’s now promising said Layton. "How can you trust someone to implement a multi-billion stimulus package that they don’t believe in?" asked Layton. Do Canadians want Harper to be given a blank cheque on the biggest economic crisis in generations? Layton pointed to the Building Canada Fund, where money promised by Harper years ago for municipal infrastructure has not been issued. Now with infrastructure deficits spiralling, the Harper Conservatives are using the economic crisis as an excuse to force municipalities that apply for infrastructure money to scrap environmental assessments that protect air, soil and water quality.

Layton assured Canadians most vulnerable to economic instability that New Democrats would not let them be left behind in the economic recovery. Assistance to Canadian families hit hard by the economic downturn must join investment in infrastructure, housing and renewable energy.

"Working families can’t afford more failed policies, more mistakes, more bad management of the economy", Layton said.

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