Tuesday, January 13, 2009

NDP Finance critic in demand amongst EU leaders

[Source - financialpost.com ] - NDP strengthens its business credentials

According to the report, the NDP deputy leader and Finance critic, Tom Mulcair, was invited to the New World, New Capitalism conference and joined former and current world leaders like Tony Blair, Germany's Angela Merkel - he was personally invited by French President Nicolas Sarkozy. They met to discuss the new world that will emerge from the most profound financial and economic crises in decades. FP reports Mulcair made a strong impression during a presentation to the group. [end of excerpt]

It is a world economic crisis, and with the upcoming "super" budget from the minority Conservatives due out at the end of January, Canadians are looking for leadership in how to respond to the escalating effects of the worldwide recession phenomenon - how we can capitalize on our strengths and consider new economic world views. Seems Tom Mulcair has the creds to lead opposition responses to Flaherty's stimulus package.

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