Friday, January 9, 2009

Tories involved in taping of private caucus meeting?

NDP wants names of Tories involved in taping of private caucus meeting

Source - CBC, The Canadian Press
The NDP wants the names of "any and all individuals" involved in the Conservative decision to record and distribute copies of a New Democrat caucus meeting, and it is threatening legal action to get them. A letter from NDP counsel presses the Conservatives for the information and strongly suggests litigation will follow unless the names are forthcoming...The furor over the recording was largely forgotten as the government teetered on the brink of defeat. Prime Minister Stephen Harper opted to pull the plug on Parliament rather than face the Dec. 8 non-confidence vote. [end of excerpt]

The Conservatives claim to have received an email, (probably misdirected), inviting them to take part in the conference call. But even this doesn't hold legal water when it comes to taping telephone calls. The laws for taping private conversations in Canada are a little looser than our American neighbors - you can tape your own call without letting the other party know. But this doesn't stand for conference calls - as soon as a third party is involved in the conversation, all must be advised that the call is being recorded. This obviously was not done by the conservative member alleged to have done the taping. It's all in the hands of the lawyer's now so we'll have to wait and see how this plays out in the news. Check back soon to the Canada News Commentary blog for updates.

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