Tuesday, March 24, 2009

50 Reasons to leave Facebook

In no particular order:

1. You have better things to do, no really.

2. Have you ever actually read the Facebook Terms & Conditions about how much of your personal information they say they OWN and can share? Why do they need to know your birthday and real name - thousands of websites let you sign up anonymously with just an email address that is not displayed on the site. You just shared the two main peices of information you need for a passport or social insurance card with 250 million strangers

3. If you left Facebook recently, they probably kept all your photos and personal information anyway, if you didn't follow their arcane instructions to delete the data.

4. It spawns spam - it is spam spawning. It spams spam spawning spam. Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam...

5. Facebook mines your personal data and relationship information to sell to advertisers. The Canadian government privacy watchdog has charged Facebook is in violation of privacy laws with respect to users personal data.

6. You're already a member of other social networking sites like stumbleupon.com

7. The reasons for all the recent Facebook changes are all related to making things easier for advertisers, businesses and organizations - not users like you.

8. Police recently charged a graffiti artist based on photos he posted on Facebook - which were entered as evidence in court.

9. There are more than 250 million people with a Facebook profile - how many do you know and trust?

10. You're already a member of other social networking sites like spaces.live.com

11. The sidebar is full of "get rich quick" ads

12. A Facebook security breach allowing unauthorized access to your personal data was as recent as Friday, March 20, 2009

13. Lawyers recently subpoenaed a Facebook user's online activity in recent proceedings to use against him in quality of life issues related to his disability insurance claim.

14. It's easier to post and share your photos on Flickr - while Facebook's photo upload tool takes forever

15. Prospective and current employers will check to see if you have a Facebook profile

16. You're already a member of other social networking sites like MySpace

17. You have better things to do, no really.

18. Just who is Mark Zuckerberg anyway? (besides the CEO founder of Facebook) And did he really start Facebook just to get more dates while in college?

19. You spend more time on Facebook than you do actually with your friends in person.

20. Businesses and organizations are actually encouraging employees to establish a "professional" Facebook presence to improve business, sales and networking opportunities - isn't supposed to be about friends and family? and how much do they pay you for maintaining your Facebook profile?

21. A better professional social networking site is linkedin.com (where already about 25% of my Facebook contacts are connected to me, and I've found old contacts who are not on Facebook)

22. Twitter - like classic Facebook status updates only better at twitter.com - Zuckerberg and Facebook tried to buy them, they must be doing something right

23. It's easier to share photos on Google at http://picasa.google.com/ - or share documents on Google Docs

24. It's easier to share links on http://delicious.com

25. It's easier and more flexible to post and share Facebook style Notes on your own blog with Wordpress free at http://wordpress.com or Blogger at http://blogspot.com - I have had more than 15,000 people read my blog at Wordpress in the last year and another few thousand here at Blogger

26. Want the latest news? "Digg" it at http://digg.com or say you "Reddit" at http://reddit.com

27. Wordpress.com blogs are 100% advertising banner free. Or if you like to make money, Blogger is Google's service and it's easy to add Google ads in the sidebar and have Google send you a cheque instead of Facebook.

28. You can store and share all kinds of stuff at http://box.net or Windows Live Skydrive at http://skydrive.live.com

29. Facebook tries to incorporate all or some of these other social networking and sharing site features and doesn't do it as well as any of them, especially the apps that they have that are supposed to update this information in Facebook Boxes on your profile...oh yeah, nobody checks the Boxes tab

30. The best part about Facebook was your Facebook Status update and the Wall and they've changed how all that works with the latest upgrade and will change it again before the year is out

31. You're tired of getting invitations from Apps like NUDE ZOMBIES WHO DRINK LEMONADE etc

32. You have better things to do, no really!

33. You already have email addresses and phone numbers for all of your Facebook friends, but now you have to check Facebook email in addition to your personal and business email accounts, and check who wrote what on your wall, and get Facebook mobile updates, and and and... people are always saying to you "hey didn't you see that note/comment/message/update I sent to you?

34. It's easier to share videos with friends on YouTube at http://youtube.com

35. Facebook cares about their customers, really. Unfortunately Facebook users like you and me are not "customers", customers pay - businesses promoting their pages and links and advertisers posting their ads are the real Facebook customers.

36. Facebook's search function is rudimentary - Google does it better, Bing does it better - even Yahoo! does it better

37. You have experienced Facebook friends who misunderstood or misconstrued something you wrote on another Facebook friend's wall.

38. Some comments just don't make any sense at all - don't shoot the messenger.

39. Does it really make any difference when you click the little "thumbs down" icon on the ads in the sidebar? or is that just a ruse to make you read the ad?

40. 5,000,000,000 - the number of minutes spent on Facebook every day.

41. People tag you in photos which are not of you, but just to give you a heads up that they want you to look at a photo, instead of just clicking the share photo button. Like I said, it's easier to share photos on Flickr or Picasa or Multiply...

42. You post a group or event only to have the Wall inundated with flames and spam messages.

43. You poke a friend, they poke you back, you poke a friend, they poke you back, you poke.... you get the picture.

44. You have sent a Facebook message, Wall post, or poke from one computer in your home to the person at the other computer in your home. Can't we just get up and walk down the hall?

45. Your phone number is posted on your Facebook profile and nobody ever phones it.

46. You have better things to do, NO REALLY!

47. Like go for a walk, or visit a friend, or encourage a family member who needs you, or phone a friend and ask to meet for lunch, or visit a friend in hospital, or volunteer some time helping others...

48. There must be a way to combine all the different web services you use to share information effectively with friends, family and associates, without being constricted by the rather limited Facebook interface, and without being disrupted by Facebook upgrades.

49. There is a better way actually, the Flock social web browser for one - which is free, like the rest, based on the open Mozilla software (as is Firefox), doesn't depend on ad banners - and is capable of aggregating all the information from services you already use like Google, Picasa, Flickr, Twitter, Delicious, Digg, MSN, MySpace, etc etc (even Facebook, but you're leaving Facebook, remember?). At http://flock.com and Google is launching SocialStream soon.

[canayjun's note - no, I don't work for Flock, or Google or any of these other sites...]

50. Stay tuned for an upcoming event, that will make it very easy to leave Facebook.

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don't click this, it doesn't do anything just like on facebook

Update -

Check out Ron Shulkin's great article "Has Facebook jumped the shark?", over at Examiner.com
- examining people who are leaving (and joining) Facebook.


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