Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring snowstorm hindering flood protection efforts north of Winnipeg

Red River sandbagging efforts affected

A low-pressure weather system
located over northeastern Minnesota, which has already dumped 10 to 15 centimetres of snow across southern Manitoba overnight Tuesday - including 9-12 centimetres in Winnipeg - is expected to bring another five centimetres before tapering off Wednesday night. [source]

The below-normal temperatures that have hung over southern Manitoba since the middle of last week have kept much of the snow and ice from melting, which has temporarily eased the flooding concerns. Sandbagging will return in full force on Friday...

The river is now expected to crest on Sunday April 6th, 2009 ... more.

Looking for the latest flood updates, wanting to volunteer, or needing volunteers - check the following links to emergency relief resources in Winnipeg:

Winnipeg, Manitoba EmergWeb

CBC Flood Watch 2009 - Volunteer Info

Project417 will receive an update Thursday, April 2, whether a deployment of volunteers to the flood threatened region is necessary.

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