Monday, April 13, 2009

Winnipeg Red River Flood Watch - Monday April 13

Red River Flood Update - Winnipeg, Manitoba and area - also Fargo, North Dakota updates

I was saddened yesterday to see that some homes in communities north of Winnipeg were flooded out by the rising Red River. In St. Clements and St. Andrews, the ice jams caused flooding and several homes were flooded and several families who had not heeded the earlier evacuation orders had to be rescued by emergency crews.

According to the Winnipeg Free Press, in the same area, Petersfield residents have been told by authorities to evacuate due the rapidly rising waters. They hope residents will follow the recommendation and avoid the same situation as Sunday, prompting hasty rescues of trapped homeowners who stayed behind.

From EmergWeb, serving Winnipeg, the Floodway gates are said to be operating now almost ice free, as crews have worked to break up the larger ice pans and flows at the Floodway inlet. The Floodway should now be operating at almost full capacity, although last night levels south of Winnipeg fluctuated greatly.

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From CBC Manitoba, the danger is not past. There have been ice jam dike breeches at the Norwood Bridge. In addition, the warming weather is adding to the existing problems caused by the ice jams and high crest level flowing through the system, by adding to tributary runoffs. Further flooding is expected.

From North Dakota, the Fargo area, a second crest of the Red River is causing more damage, with dikes reported breeched by Cass County authorities in West Fargo. One report says the situation now is worse than the first crest that passed through a couple of weeks ago.

I'll continue to mirror this post at the MissionLog and post volunteer updates at We're concerned about our neighbours in Manitoba and North Dakota, but all indications are that local and provincial authorities and volunteers are doing a great job of informing and protecting residents at risk. We have no plans as yet to send a Project417 volunteer team.

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