Thursday, April 16, 2009

Winnipeg Red River Flood Watch - State of Emergency Declared April 16 - Video

State of Local Emergency Declared for Properties on the River Side of Primary Dike: from Winnipeg Emergweb - High priority announcement
The City of Winnipeg has declared a State of Local Emergency covering all properties on the river side of the primary dike, as of 11:13 a.m., Thursday, April 16, 2009. This declaration is authorized under the Province of Manitoba’s Emergency Measures Act, and has been made to allow the City to respond quickly to an evolving flood situation.

“This activation gives us the ability to respond rapidly and decisively to changing conditions,” said Mayor Katz. “It is not a cause for citizens to be anxious; it simply enables our flood-fighting team to respond quickly should localized issues develop.”

Randy Hull, the City’s Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, explained that this activation enables the City to respond without delay in areas of concern. “So far, our flood-fighting efforts are going well, but this is obviously a major flood event – and we need to be able to act quickly.”

Residents of Winnipeg along the river side of the primary dike are asked to cooperate with Police, Fire, Paramedic personnel and other City officials for the duration of the emergency. Your cooperation with will greatly assist in the flood-fighting effort.

The State of Local Emergency is in effect until April 29, 2009.
Volunteers are needed, within the local Winnipeg calling area, call 311.

Video Update -

From a local on youtube (user jonwpg), over the past few days - he noted the river as of yesterday was several feet higher now than the when the video was taken. There are several other videos listed next to this one as well. Thanks jonwpg!
Just north of St. Agathe on River Rd:

Also the Winnipeg Live Red River Webcam - [source]

More flood updates here.

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