Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ignatieff vs Harper in the polls - Here we go again

Polls show Ignatieff Liberals edge Conservatives - could form another minority government if election held:

From the Here We Go Again Department - Ignatieff has shown himself to be a skilled opportunist if nothing else in the past few months. Fresh from his Liberal leadership election win, Michael Ignatieff is flexing his partisan muscles, pouncing on Conservative blunders seeking to flip-flop on his initial parliamentary support of Stephen Harper and the minority Conservative government.

:: source: canadianwild.ca
Faced with recent reports by Conservative Finance Minister Jim Flaherty that Canada's budget deficit will balloon to over $50 Billion this year, Ignatieff and the Liberals are making hay with dire predictions of yet another non-confidence vote which would spark a new federal election. Ignatieff is confident the Liberals can win - polls show at least a minority victory.

Here's how the seats in parliament stack up so far:

  • Conservatives - Harper 143
  • Liberals - Ignatieff 77
  • Bloc - Duceppe 50
  • NDP - Layton 37
  • Minority Conservatives 143
  • Opposition Parties 164
Recently, when Ignatieff lashed out on Youtube at Conservative attack ads depicting his long absence from Canada and foreign career [Ignatieff strikes back at attack ads] it sparked a debate on Reddit. I described Ignatieff as an interloper and ivory tower dreamer, which prompted one redditor to ask state," You call him an "ivory tower dreamer" as if he's some aristocratic idealist. Show me how you can back up this characterization through his policies or even through his rhetoric. Right now, it's just an empty accusation being almost universally pursued by the political right". To which I replied -

" Ignatieff worked most recently at Harvard - am I wrong in depicting Harvard as ivory tower? (or a sanctuary for the rich). We're just ordinary folks here - Iggy's the son of a diplomat. Iggy was a book reviewer, a commentator, an author and journalist who wrestled with the philosophy of war (and supported the invasion of Iraq in the process). He wrote more than 100 articles since the 70's, many for the elitist New Republic - and described by one reviewer in 2006 as "one of the most prolific highbrow writers of his generation" source.

Policies? - As soon as he was appointed Liberal leader, he similarly parachuted his most faithful Toronto buddies, dubbed the Rosedale Gang, into prominent backroom jobs. [source - The Star,Jan.9, 2009] More misguided policies: propping up Harper's minority, giving him carte blanche to throw billions at companies already bankrupt, who are rewarding the largesse by turfing working Canadians out of jobs in favour of cheaper off shore labour. By toughing it out, I mean what has Ignatieff done for Canada in 30 years? Ian Davey, who ran Ignatieff's failed 2006 leadership campaign, had to persuade and convince Iggy to return to Canada - it wasn't Iggy's idea. So you can see the accusation is not empty and, in my case and many others, not just the political right who oppose him. You can see your error - just because I opposed Iggy, you assumed I was Conservative and right wing. Never fear, Canada has plenty of ordinary, liberal minded, working stiffs who will never trust him." [endquote]

[to be continued...]

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