Thursday, July 30, 2009

Layton: Defending Canada's Health Care: Truths and Lies

Jack Layton - on Huffington Post Blog
Responding to U.S. Republican fear-mongering about "broken" health care system

Our system does have flaws. We need better prescription drug coverage, better remote access to care and better practices in hospitals and clinics. No honest advocate for our health care system would dismiss these things. But Canadian health care works -- and works well....
Canayjun's comments via HuffPo:

" I'm glad Jack did admit the Canadian system is not perfect. Our neighbours deserve the facts. As Jack listed - the lack of a comprehensive prescription drug plan adds to the cost we must pay for directly and is a burden on many families. Better remote health care, especially in the far north and amongst our First Nations native population - Attawapiskat for instance has a hospital staffed by nurses only with doctors flown in on a schedule. I feel what Jack has missed mentioning, and is glossed over in our enthusiasm to say how great a job Canada is doing, are three major items: 1. the difficulty in finding a family doctor / GP if you don't already have one (one of the unlucky 15%); 2. too few specialists, eg. neurologists,cardiologists, etc and technicians like MRI imaging technicians; 3. and the final most pressing need - we need to reduce wait times for treatment and testing.

Much has been done in the past two or three years, but we need to be able to count on speedy access to health care and not just in critical circumstances - days and weeks can add up until the health situation becomes critical. Early diagnosis and treatment should still be the priority"

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